Telehealth Pelvic Health Consulting

So often, we hear "oh man, I wish you guys were located closer to  "________"!

The need for pelvic health education and guidance far exceeds the current availability and accessibility. So often, people will try to talk to their doctor about pelvic health questions in a general appointment, but are cut short due to the allotted time physicians can spend with their patients. 

We saw this need, and are pleased to be able to provide consulting to patients living anywhere in the country via telephone or video chat appointments.   Whether it's answering your "does this seem normal?" questions, or assisting you in finding a licensed pelvic health practitioner in your area, we are happy to help in your journey towards finding optimal pelvic health from the comfort of your home and at the time that works best for your life (I see you, Soccer Mom of three!).

Telehealth consultation appointments are $75 and include a 1-hour session with follow up resources emailed to you as indicated.



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